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About us

Welcome to Kendils

Kendils is a one stop shop for all kinds of amazing gifts and souvenir items. Shopping for gifts and souvenirs seem pretty stressful and confusing for most persons. Kendils was created by passion for uniqueness, usefulness, creativity & affordability. Kendils was designed to help solve the problem of shopping for gifts & souvenirs.

At Kendils, we don’t just sell amazing items; we also provide customization services as well as surprise delivery and video coverage services. Above all these, we provide an unbeatable excellent customer service and support to our customers.

At kendils, Convenience meets excellence

Kendils was conceived by passion and creativity, birthed by uniqueness, usefulness, affordability and excellence. Kendils was created to solve the problem of shopping for gifts& souvenirs as well as take away the stress and confusion of the choice of gifts & souvenirs, and we have been here providing excellent service to our customers since December 2017.

Our Vision

A place where convenience meets excellence

  • The best prices
  • The most convenient shopping experience
  • The most efficient service